Mental Health Charity Rebrands

As you can see we have rebranded Julian Housing. We have had tremendous success in Norfolk over the last 20 years as Julian Housing and we are now well known locally as an excellent provider of support to people with mental health difficulties. Originally set up to support people who were struggling to find independent accommodation and get their benefit entitlement, we have now developed a much wider range of support.

We work with the strengths of people with mental health difficulties, to help them lead an independent life of their choice. Our new name Julian Support helps clarify that we provide support. We have a range of Outreach Support, Supported Housing and Health & Wellbeing Support. It also makes it clear that we are not a housing association (which has in the past been a common confusion). I believe that this improved clarity is important to us and to service users as we start to tender for contracts throughout East Anglia.

We have also redesigned our website. We hope you feel it is easier to find your way around. You will also find a number of testimonials, both written and on video, from our service users. We'd like to thank those who have been kind enough to share their experiences and have included their stories and comments because we feel sure that they will give hope and encouragement to those coming to us for the first time.

"We are grateful for the financial support from the Government's Transition Fund so that we could afford to make these changes without affecting the funds available for delivering the service. We are also grateful for the graphic design and branding support from Brand Experience and the pro bono photography provided by Keith Bernstein" says Pip Coker, Chief Executive of Julian Support.