Personalisation is about having choice and control over the support that you receive

Personalisation gives you the opportunity to determine the type of support that you receive with the budget that you have available. The service has been developed in collaboration with the people who have used it and our experienced staff will provide you with support that is tailored to your needs and at times that best suit you.

The support that we provide is holistic and can include: 

Your daily living skills

Cooking, cleaning, shopping, setting up your phone/computer and improving your home environment

Your well being & social inclusion

Enrolling with groups, clubs, planning social time with your friends and family, using local transport & other facilities

Your finances

Setting up and managing your utilities, managing your bank account, applying for benefits & working out a budget

You health

Support attending your local GP and dentist, scheduling visits with your counsellor, attending appointments at hospital or meeting with your community mental health team, managing your mental well-being

Your housing

We work with housing providers to find more appropriate or better accommodation

Your debts

We support you to negotiate affordable debt payments

Your future

Applying to become a volunteer, enrolling in study courses or looking for paid work

Many of the people accessing our service will have been assessed for a personal budget via Adult Social Services. However, there are also a number of people who pay for their support independently.


The cost of the service is £32.70 per hour.

If you would like to discuss accessing our Personal Budget Outreach Service, please contact the Service Manager on 07740 285556.