We are constantly striving to implement innovative and forward thinking ideas that require us to self-fund.

We have recently received a sizeable donation, which has enabled us to run a pilot project for a year with The Sue Lambert Trust (SLT), a Norfolk-based charity, which provides support for survivors of sexual abuse. 

The SLT identified a number of their service users who have complex mental health needs. These issues were impacting on their ability to engage in the counselling support available through the SLT, often leading to crisis and attendance at A&E, as a result of suicide attempts, self-harm and overdose.

As a result of this generous donation, Julian Support is able to employ a Recovery Coordinator to improve the lives of service users accessing SLT services by:

  • Improving communications and access to statutory mental health services, partner agencies and resources
  • Enabling service users to make the best use of SLT therapeutic services
  • Responding to the social care needs of service users, including budgeting, maximising income, housing and social engagement

The benefits to people using SLT services being:

  • Increased financial and housing stability
  • Increased availability of counselling
  • Reduction in attendance at A&E and other agencies
  • Reduction in self-harm and suicide attempts

Sue Lambert Trust counsellors now hold regular sessions at our Ashcroft Residential Service, their expenses also being paid from the donation received.

The above is an example of how a donation can expand the number of services that we are able to offer and increase the number of service users that we are able to help. It gives us the opportunity to bring to life the innovative and creative ideas that arise from within the organisation and from the people who use our services.


pays for a Recovery Coordinator for a full day