We understand that you are likely to know more about the person we are supporting than anyone else and it is important to hear your knowledge and experience about what has been useful in the past.

You may often be the first to notice a problem. We recognise that families, friends and carers have a critical role in a person’s life and will enable people using our services to involve you, as much as they want to, in their support.

The term carer is used to describe someone who provides regular unpaid emotional and/or practical support to a person with a mental health problem. You could be a family member, partner or close friend. Emotional support may be having someone to talk to about things that are worrying. Practical support can include help with daily living activities including personal care, managing money or attending meetings.

A significant part of our work is supporting people to understand their rights and responsibilities. This includes deciding who they want to be involved in their support and how. We ask people to give consent to involve others and this is regualrly reviewed.

We will encourage people to invite their family, friends or carers to meetings or discussions about their support if they find this helpful. The amount we can involve you in developing a support plan depends on the amount of information the person you care for is happy to share.





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