Our delivery model is designed to make it easier to get the support that you need.

We have developed our services to make them as accessible as possible to the people who use them. Many people fall through the gaps of more traditional services. Sometimes this is because services don’t offer what people say they need, or because the services are available at times when it is harder for people to access them.

We believe that services have a duty to be flexible and adaptable so that they can change, as a person’s needs change. Our services have changed through the experiences of the people who use them.

We focus on what you tell us is important to you and the things that you think will work, and will help you with your recovery. Our staff will help you to put this information into a plan, which you can work on together, in partnership.


of Service users say they are fully involved in planning their support


My Journey

After having a difficult childhood and adolescence I found myself in the mental health system.