We support people to improve their quality of life by focussing on the outcomes they feel are important.

Julian Support promotes recovery across all of its services. We believe that recovery is not just about treating or managing symptoms but about enabling the people we support to gain and remain in control of their lives.

We ensure that:

  • Our staff support people to develop their skills, resources and networks by focusing on creative engagement and trust building
  • People are supported to recognise their strengths and how they can help themselves now and in the future
  • We focus on health, wellness and staying safe to support people to manage their difficulties and symptoms

We support people to identify their individual needs and goals and to develop a support plan using the Outcomes Star based on the following areas:

  • Motivation & taking responsibility
  • Self-care / living skills
  • Managing money
  • Social networks / relationships
  • Drug & Alcohol use
  • Physical health
  • Emotional & mental health
  • Meaningful use of time
  • Managing tenancy/accommodation
  • Offending

We work with people to develop their own personal support plan. This ensures that people using our service, their families, carers and wider care team are all aware of each person’s responsibilities and the support provided.

The plan will ensure people know how to access support as required and will identify signs of deterioration and coping strategies. Support will be flexible; increased and reviewed as required aiming to reduce the need for crisis services.

We believe that support should be made available for the minimum time each individual requires to promote sustainable independence and prevent dependency.



of service users have achieved positive outcomes in 2+ areas identified within their support plan