Our values represent the heart and soul of our organisation. They are what make us tick.

We are an organisation driven by our values. This means that the decisions that we make are based upon the values that we share across Julian Support.

We place the needs of the people that we support at the heart of all our decision making, ensuring that the services that we provide meet their expectations and are delivered by staff who are well trained and feel motivated to work for us.

We believe:

That hope is crucial to us all

A key concept in recovery is hope and we believe that it is possible for the people we work with to have rewarding and fulfilling lives and engage meaningfully in society. We support people towards their recovery goals by working with their strengths and developing their resilience.

That recovery is a continuum that we move along according to our circumstances

We work with people at their own pace whilst encouraging achievement of recovery goals. Those goals are individual and self-determined. By supporting recovery through our strengths-focused approach, we support people to make meaningful and sustainable changes in their lives.

That strengths are something we all have. Everyone has the capacity to grow, to learn and to change

We focus on the talents that people have in order to help them overcome the challenges they face. In other words, we work at identifying what people are good at – their strengths, rather than focusing entirely on deficits or what’s going wrong.

That everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy safe and secure housing

We aim to improve the quality of people’s lives by focusing on what they feel are their housing and support needs, and by accessing appropriate resources to help meet those needs. We aim to enable people with mental ill health to live within the community in accommodation suited to their needs.

That people with mental ill health have the right to take part in positive and challenging activities

We deliver first-class skills-based health, recreation, education and employment packages in the community that enhance healthier lifestyles for people who are socially excluded.

That we work better when our strengths are recognised, developed and valued

We all work better when we have the opportunity to apply our talents. We can use these talents to help us manage the jobs we also find difficult. This is as true of our staff as it is the people we support.

That we all need to develop our resilience

As an organisation, we encounter hard times as well as good times. It is this experience that makes us the organisation we are; resilient, strong and compassionate. Being resilient doesn’t mean going through life without experiencing difficulty. People feel a range of emotions during change. The road to resilience lies in working through these emotions and moving forward.


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