Our outreach support services empower people to gain or maintain their independence in the community.

We support people to recognise and build on the strengths they already have and to eliminate barriers that impact on their mental health.

Social factors such as unaffordable housing, homelessness, living on a low income and feeling isolated from the community can all be major barriers to recovery.

We work with people who use our service to develop a support plan based on their own priorities and goals which ensures that the service provided is personal to them and appropriate to their needs.

We support people to access and maintain appropriate housing for their needs and to live the life they choose within their local community. Our staff know their communities well and will support people to access services and resources that are rewarding and promote their recovery and sense of belonging.

We support people, where appropriate, to develop key life skills like managing their tenancy, home making, problem solving, being a good neighbour and playing a part in the local community. We can also support people to maximise their income by claiming their full benefit entitlements and developing budgeting skills as needed.

We work in partnership with people who use our services, their families, friends and carers, statutory mental health teams, housing providers and community organisations to provide a seamless service.

This ensures that problems can be resolved effectively and that the people we support are fully informed and at the centre of all decision making.




of service users confirmed their involvement in their first support plan


Help and Support

I am in my fifties now. I was brought up in Norwich, and have worked in London and in several other countries. I was first diagnosed with Bipolar at the age of 18.