Our 24 hour supported accommodation provides intensive support whilst empowering people to develop the skills to live independent and meaningful lives.

The people who live in our 24 hour supported housing in Suffolk benefit from the extra security of knowing that there is somebody on-site who knows them well and can respond to their needs. We acknowledge that many people who live in our 24 hour supported housing may experience good and bad times in their mental health, and we are able to tailor our support to meet these fluctuations. The emphasis is on flexibility and responsiveness.

Our services are available for people in receipt of secondary mental health services with referrals being made by a Care Coordinator.

As in all our other services, we work with individuals to develop a support plan based on their personal needs and strengths. We will also work with the people we support to develop strategies for staying safe and managing areas of risk.

We support people to recognise their talents, skills and aspirations, encouraging them to take control of their lives to maximise their independence.

We ensure that where possible we support people to access resources in their local community by providing support as required. We also work in partnership with people’s families, friends and wider care team to ensure a consistent and supportive approach.

Individual support plans are regularly reviewed and we will support people to access more independent move-on accommodation as soon as they are ready to do so.

All of our schemes are owned by registered social landlords and people have their own tenancy or licence agreement setting out their rights and responsibilities.


A Shared Path