Our non 24 hour supported accommodation provides a valuable stepping stone between more intensive supported housing and independent living.

Some people are not quite at the stage to manage on their own. Our non 24 hour supported accommodation in Suffolk and Norfolk provides an outreach service that works with people enabling them to gain the skills, experience and confidence to move on to full independence. Our services are available for people in receipt of secondary mental health services with referrals being made by a Care Coordinator.

Our support is individually tailored to each person’s needs and is available for a set number of hours each week. Using the recovery model and strengths approach we support people to develop their own, unique support plan. We work together to enable people to gain and maintain daily living and budgeting skills, claim their correct benefits, access social activities and explore opportunities for work and education.

Supported accommodation provides a valuable opportunity for people to take responsibility for managing their own accommodation and developing the skills to manage a tenancy in the future. All of our schemes are owned by registered social landlords and people have their own tenancy agreement setting out their rights and responsibilities.

All of our supported accommodation is time limited and we will support people to move on when they are ready to do so. We have the skills and experience to offer housing advice and assist with accessing independent accommodation.

We work in partnership with the people we support, their families and friends, and wider care teams, to promote and maintain good mental health and wellbeing.


of service users were supported to maintain independent living


A Family Thing

Julian Support has been involved with my three sons and myself for at least six years. After many years of depression and fighting anorexia nervosa, I had a major breakdown in 2006.